Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Many Ways Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Written by: alexanoelle
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as the saying goes. But is it true, or is the other popular adage, “out of sight, out of mind,” more accurate? Most people have heard both of these phrases, but which one rings true when it comes to men and their likelihood of falling in love? Do guys fall in love when they miss you or does being apart cause them to forget all about you as they pursue the most available prospect in their immediate vicinity?

1. Do Men Fall in Love?

Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

If you guessed that guys fall in love when they miss you, then you are correct! But it does seem a bit counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Why would a man’s feelings grow specifically in the absence of the object of his affection? This may not come as much of a surprise, but the way men fall in love is different from the way women fall in love. As it turns out, men might actually be more complicated in this area.

When a man sees a woman he is interested in, he develops a strong desire to impress her and to win her. Right away, he will want to put in the work to become worthy of the woman he desires. He will ask for her number, he will invite her on a date, he might even buy some new clothes or clean up his hairstyle and facial hair in an effort to look classy and groomed. He will become the definition of a gentleman.

As irresistible as this may sound, you don’t want to fall for him too soon when you notice him beginning to act this way. Men like a challenge, and if your affection toward him is earned too easily, he will be likely to lose interest.

Men don’t want you to fall for them too early when they are working so hard to win you, because then the challenge is over and the prize was too easily gained. Instead, they want to feel like they are trying really hard to win your love, and that you are rewarding their efforts just enough to keep them motivated to keep going.

It is intrinsically wired into men to fight for something and to be the one who wins it. As cliche as this might sound, it is instinctual and often subconscious. It is simply the way men operate. The key is to make him feel like you have chosen him out of all the other men you could have been with. That feeling of being chosen, of having won over the woman he desired, is what makes him fall in love.

2. How Do I Ignore Him To Get His Attention?

If you’re always around the guy, to the point that he doesn’t have the space to pursue you and think about you while you’re gone, it is fairly unlikely that he will sincerely fall in love with you. He may give up, lose interest, or worse – he may take an interest in someone else instead.

Men often fall in love when you’re not around, because they will have the space to miss you and think about you. He’ll start wondering what you’re doing and whether you’re thinking about him, and before you know it, he’ll be longing for your presence.

This means he needs to know you have your own life that makes you content, and that your world does not revolve around him. It also means that you are not available every time he wants to see you, and certainly that you are not waiting around for him to want to spend time with you.

In order to fall in love, a man needs to know that you are content in your own life and comfortable in your own skin. He needs to know that you are capable of having fun without him and that you don’t need him to make you feel good about yourself. This means having your own friends, your own set of hobbies and interests, your own schedule, etc. There is nothing less attractive to a guy than when he thinks he’s the only exciting thing happening in your life.

While you shouldn’t ignore a guy on purpose just to play games with his emotions, try not to appear overly available or desperate. When he asks if you’d like to hang out Thursday night, don’t be afraid to tell him that you already have plans to get dinner with your friend, or that you’re going to be at your Zumba class that night. Don’t cancel your plans just to make him the priority. It will likely be more attractive to him to know that you have other things in your life and that if he wants to see you, he will have to make the effort to plan ahead to get a piece of your time.

3. How Can You Make Your Boyfriend Miss You?

If things are getting to be too mundane with your boyfriend and you’re looking for ways to make him miss you to spice up the feelings of longing and affection, there are plenty of ways to do this.

One way to make your boyfriend miss you is to hang out with your friends. Just because he is your boyfriend doesn’t mean he has to be the center of your social schedule. You have friends too, and they are important to you. Have a girls’ night out or make plans with your friends from out of town who you haven’t seen in a while. When your boyfriend sees you having a life that you enjoy, it will make him miss you and want to spend time with you again.

Try going on a getaway weekend without your boyfriend as another way of making him miss you. Is there a place you’ve been dying to travel to, or someone a few hours away who you’ve been meaning to visit but haven’t gotten around to it? Spend a weekend away, and he will be more than excited to see you when you get back.

If you don’t like the idea of spending time without him to make him miss you, try emphasizing the great things about you that he already appreciates. If you’re an excellent cook, make him a delicious meal. This will remind him of one of the many reasons he loves being your boyfriend, and it will make him think about how lucky he is to have you. Go out of your way to be sweet, loving, and caring to him. Plan a surprise date, or try out a new scent or outfit. All of these things have the potential to spice up the romance and remind him of what he has.

Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

4. How Do You Get A Guy Interested In You Again?

Are you looking to rekindle a spark with an old flame? Once a relationship ends, it may feel like all hope is lost because of the differences or circumstances surrounding the breakup, but thankfully this is not always the case. It is totally possible that someone you dated in the past may still have dormant feelings that are just waiting to be awakened.

The first step is to start talking again. If he’s someone you cross paths with in everyday life, try chatting with him casually to spark a conversation. Even if you haven’t spoken in a while, he is likely to be receptive to friendly conversation. Once you’re comfortable talking, drop one of those witty one-liners he always told you were so funny, or bring up an inside joke to give him the hint that you still remember the past the two of you shared. If you don’t typically see him in person, this can be done via text instead.

Once you work up to a level of comfort and familiarity, ask him to meet up in person. It doesn’t have to be intimidating – just tell him you’d love to get coffee or drinks and catch up. This is a friendly, disarming approach that he is likely to be receptive to. Once you’re spending time together in person, just be yourself.

You can’t go wrong in being yourself – either he will fall for who you truly are, or you’ll realize that it wasn’t meant to work out, and there is someone better out there for you who will love the real you.

5. How Do I Make Him Jealous and Want Me More?

It is not uncommon to want to make a guy jealous so that he wants you more. One of the most basic ways to spark jealousy is not responding to texts or calls right away. This will let him know you’re busy, and he won’t be able to help but wonder what you are so busy with, and if it perhaps involves another guy.

If he likes you, this is a sure-fire way to make him want you more. He will be waiting on his end of the phone, thinking through possibilities of who you could be hanging out with, or what you could be doing that is more interesting than responding to his messages. He will feel the need to step up his game to hold your attention.

Another great way to make him jealous is to look good and to show that you are having fun. Remember that dress you bought that’s been taking up space in the closet? Put it on. Do your hair and makeup. Go out with the girls and have them take a photo of you posing and having a blast, then post it on your social media account. When he scrolls by it, he will see you as a drop-dead gorgeous girl who knows how to have a great time – and he won’t be able to resist.

Overall, when it comes to getting your guy to want you, it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. He will miss you when you’re not around, and he will want to make himself worthy of your time and attention. The bottom line is to have fun and enjoy your life, and not to wait for him to chase you. If he likes you, and if he’s worth it, he won’t be able to forget about you.